nerdytec Launches Limited Couchmaster® CYCON² Titan Edition

nerdytec, a gaming hardware company, today announces the release of its latest lap desk, a limited Titan Edition of the Couchmaster® CYCON². The new laptop table gathers design elements from real titanium for a unique and sleek design. 
The Couchmaster® CYCON² Titan Edition by nerdytec is the most eye-catching version of the CYCON² Lapdesk without losing the functionalities of the popular Couchmaster. Its cushions are handmade from high-quality Nappa leather and offer a high-end and modern look. With this product, nerdytec is directly targeting luxury lovers but convenience doesn’t suffer. Like the other couch desks in the product line, the Limited Titan Edition features smart cable management, six high-speed USB ports, and an ultimate power supply. Users can store the remote control, drinks, and other gaming paraphernalia in the handy side pockets.
nerdytec couch desks provide maximum comfort and performance for couch gamers, allowing them to immerse themselves in their gaming experience. All products, including the CYCON², are specifically designed to provide the best possible ergonomic setup for the PC or laptop from the couch. With the Couchmaster as a mount for gaming equipment, users’ shoulder, wrist, and neck muscles will no longer be strained by long hours in front of the screen.
“The new Couchmaster Titan is our popular Cycon² in the most luxurious look with the most precious materials,” explains Chris Sturmberg Mut, CEO of nerdytec.
The Couchmaster CYCON² Limited Titan edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon and the nerdytec U.S. shop. Snap now and secure one of the limited 333 lap desks in stock.
About the company
nerdytec is an international gaming hardware company headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The company was born from the passion for gaming of its two founders: Chris Mut and Roman Jakob, and now offers a range of premium gaming lap desks to enable all gamers to play and surf from the comfort of their couch.
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