NelsonHall evaluates UpsideLMS as a Top Learning BPS Services Provider

The recently published NelsonHall 2019 Learning Services Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) report features UpsideLMS amongst some of the world’s most prominent learning services providers for its ‘innovation in Learning Content and LMS and LXP development that improves the overall learner experience’.

The NEAT report provides a comprehensive assessment of UpsideLMS’ Learning BPS offering and capabilities by assessing the vendor against its ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ to buy-side organizations and their ‘ability to meet client future requirements’.

The scope of the NEAT report provides a comprehensive and objective analysis of UpsideLMS’ Learning BPS offering, capabilities and market and financial strength, including identification of UpsideLMS’ strategy, emphasis and new developments in its service and technology, analysis of UpsideLMS’ strengths and challenges, in addition to its customer base, key offerings and delivery capability.

With a mission to empower organizations with innovative learn-tech solutions that improve their overall learning experience, UpsideLMS has been consistently setting standards for Learning Management Systems (LMSes) worldwide.

Profiled by Nikki Edwards, a Principal Research Analyst at NelsonHall, UpsideLMS offers world-class solutions, including a state-of-the-art AI Recommendation Engine, a ready-to-use Content Library Reporting & Analytics, Mobile Learning Apps, Blended Learning, Social Learning, and more.

Following are the key findings and highlights from the NEAT report –
• UpsideLMS ensures a balance on delivering innovative improvements to features/functionality aligned to market trends while meeting clients’ needs.
• UpsideLMS regularly carries out customization of its LMS platform (UpsideLMS), with those customizations becoming standard features or functional capabilities a short time after.
• UpsideLMS’ comprehensive learning analytics dashboard supports clients in demonstrating an ROI.
• UpsideLMS manages many technology clients, predominantly large corporations and spread across all industry sectors.
• For 2019/2020, UpsideLMS will target niche markets (Indonesia, the Caribbean, etc.), evolve the features and functionality of the UpsideLMS platform, and position itself as an enterprise player, amongst other strategic plans.

To access the full report, please visit here.

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