Neeta Rajchaiboon is Giving Tips for How to Create the Better Digital Ads That Help Increase Conversions

Mott & Bow, an eCommerce denim company based in New York City, has recently become very popular, experiencing a positive leap in reputation. This is partly because of its several attractive digital ads that stimulate purchases. Also, these ads are initiated by Neeta Rajchaiboon, a Thai designer who was granted an opportunity to work as a Creative Strategist in the past year. 
“Mott & Bow established its business in around 2014. In January 2021, the company has evaluated its operating results for the past year and found that its conversion rate has tremendously increased despite the COVID-19 epidemic situation. We then began to analyze the causes for such an increase in sales. It appeared that parts of the positive stimulants are online advertisements created by me.” 
As we all know, the key success factor in an online video ad is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website or so-called “conversion” and be able to stop them at the first 2 seconds of the contents and not scrolling through the ads with annoyance. To tackle such requirements, Neeta said her strategy is to put herself in the customer’s shoes; she would ask herself what she would do if she were a customer to deeply understand what the customers want to know or feel. “If we think like a customer, we’ll truly understand what they wanted.” – Neeta said. 
“To create video ads with the best feedback, I have an idea that we should feature our actual customers to review our products and present them the most authentic way. The video production does not have to look professional. This way, people will aware that they are watching actual users who actually purchased the products. I would embed our products’ images in the ads to allow consumers to learn more about our products at the same time. This technique would allow customers to learn about our products/services quickly. Many companies have tried to make so many fascinating ads with celebrities using their products with high production costs. Of course, they would obtain high-quality ads but it does not mean that those ads will drive more conversion rates. However, customers could realize that these celebrities are not actual customers, and the ads would not be credible. For example, a toothpaste commercial claims that the product can whiten your teeth. Anyone can claim that, but people would tend to believe it if actual users quoted the statement. When we purchase products online, I believe that many people would fall into a similar situation where we cannot evaluate the products physically, including myself. Therefore, I would take a look at the user review section first to learn about actual users who have experienced the products. This is the same idea of using real people to advertise a product and it is the way to promote the authenticity of the brand.” 
Source: Mott & Bow