Need to Find Work! This Work From Home Stuff Isn’t Working- Look What it Got Me!

ADD ME ON FACEBOOK Check out my Blog Becoming wealthy isn’t about what kind of car you drive or how big your house is, what kind of designer clothes you are wearing or if your watch says Bulova and not Fossil on the face. Being wealthy is about living a debt free lifestyle, owing no one and spending less than you are brining in. It is about leaving a legacy behind for your family and owning assets not liabilities. It is about having multiple streams of income and not just relying on one source such as a job Too often we confuse being successful with material belongings. We live in a society of consume first save last, invest…ummm never. If we are to turn the tide on our financial troubles we need to make the mental shift from a consumer and material driven people to a financially literate one. Invest in ourselves, our souls, minds, and our futures.

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