Nectre’s N65 Wood-Fire Stove Proves Its Worth

Nectre’s research and development teams have succeeded in designing and manufacturing a high-quality wood stove that meets the highest standards.
After rigorous testing while working with our partners, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded the N65 emissions rate is 1.98 g per hour and has since approved the stove for 2020 certification. You can find the Nectre model listed under the cordwood, non-catalytic category on the U.S. EPA government website. For a full summary, see the Certification Documents listed in the Resources and Downloads section on
“I am so proud of the continuous achievements being made by our innovative product engineers at Nectre, always pushing the limits of sustainability and performance,” noted Robert Bartucci, CEO of Glen Dimplex Americas. “Nectre’s success is built on innovation and hard work — and we are excited to introduce this new premium wood stove to North America.”
The Nectre N65 Wood Stove is ready to turn heads in showrooms and update interior spaces of all varieties. Whether that is an off-grid cabin or a contemporary home in the city, the N65’s sleek design is safe to use and will provide reliable warmth for you and your family.
About Nectre: Proudly designed in Australia and manufactured in New Zealand, Nectre wood-fire stoves and ovens are now sold in North America. With over a half century of rich tradition, the Nectre brand is committed to quality and the timeless warmth of wood. As a Glen Dimplex Americas brand, Nectre is part of a larger commitment to providing reliable, efficient heating solutions to customers who are looking for function with style. For more information, explore
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