NeatReceipts Mobile

DISCOUNT LINK Customer Reviews: “I’ve eliminated mountains of paper from my desk using this product. After installing the software and calibrating the scanner it took me little time to record and store my documents electronically. The key is to read over the manual to expose the more useful features of this product such as dragging pages of a multi-page document together to form a single document and how to properly edit a reciept after it has been scanned. Also make sure that if/when you backup your database that it goes to an external media such as an external hard drive, flash drive, or cd.Reading in an arbitrary document and extracting information from it is a DIFFICULT computer science problem (I’m a CS Grad Student) and this program does a pretty good job of pulling info from what are now commonly cluttered receipts. Follow the instructions carefully for setup, watch the video they provide, read over the manual [….], check out the video tutorials [….] and you’ll discover just how useful this software can be.” “First product delivered would not install. Easily returned item to seller prepaid and received replacement promptly. Install was simple and was up and running in less than 10 minutes from opening the box. Would prefer that categorization of receipts could be customized more instead of just selecting from pre-programmed drop-down list.Scans very quietly and fast. Scanned images are very good quality. Believe the more I use the device the more

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