Nealy Diden Appointed Director of Operations of the TMA Insurance Trust

The Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust (TMAIT) announced that Nealy Diden will become Director, Operations effective immediately. Ms. Diden will oversee all TMAIT’s operational functions to fulfill the mission to provide insurance solutions that serve the best interests of all Texas physicians, their families, and their staff.
With a career in the insurance industry that spans more than two decades, Ms. Diden brings experience and expertise to an increasingly complex and competitive business. Most recently Ms. Diden led the initiative to evolve TMAIT’s sales and marketing through the transition and integration of the Salesforce customer relationship management platform. Prior to joining TMAIT, Ms. Diden worked in customer-facing roles for a national health insurer.
Guy Patterson, Executive Director of TMAIT said that “Nealy is exactly who TMAIT needs to deliver on our commitment to provide a level of care that ensures a high-quality service experience for Texas Physicians. In addition, Ms. Diden’s leadership potential was well demonstrated with the growth ofTMAIT Financial Services.” TMAIT Financial Services is a fully owned subsidiary of TMAIT operating as a full-service insurance agency that has grown to serve over seven hundred independent physician practices in Texas. Since 1955, TMAIT has served as trusted advisors for Texas physicians, their families, and their employees from their location in Austin, Texas.
Created and exclusively endorsed by the Texas Medical Association, TMAIT is proud to partner with TMA member physicians to meet their personal insurance needs and help protect their livelihood. TMAIT walks alongside physicians throughout their entire career journey from medical school to residency and all the way through to retirement.
Source: Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust (TMAIT)