NCSA Partners with Sidelined Chicago to Help Athletes with Career-Ending Injuries

CHICAGO – Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the largest NCAA-compliant collegiate athletic recruiting network that matches student-athletes with college coaches, has partnered with Sidelined USA, a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps athletes with career-ending injuries, health conditions, or repeat concussions find their next passion.

This partnership was born from NCSA’s desire to find a better way to help their student-athletes who experience health issues that sideline their athletic career. Cade and Christine Pinalto started Sidelined USA after Cade was diagnosed with a sidelining heart condition, and was able to find a new passion with the help of a local basketball coach.

“Partnering with Sidelined USA is something that really aligns with the giveback initiatives of NCSA,” says NCSA President, Lisa Strasman. “We work with tens of thousands of athletes every year, and unfortunately, some of them end up with career-ending health injuries. Sidelined USA and their wonderful network can really help these athletes discover their new passions.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with NCSA,” says Cade Pinalto. “Helping sidelined athletes is something I am deeply passionate about, and to find a company like NCSA, who is willing to go the extra mile for the athletes they are involved with, means that together we can help hundreds of athletes every year.”

NCSA will be referring athletes to Sidelined USA as well as encouraging their team of 700+ employees to get involved as mentors. Sidelined USA is hoping to leverage this great new partnership to find even more organizations looking to join their mission.

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Sidelined USA is a non-profit that serves student-athletes nationwide who have been permanently sidelined due to injury, health condition, or repeat concussions and inspires them to find a meaningful way forward through resources, connection, and mentorships. To learn more about Sidelined USA or to support this unique program, visit