Native Gro Launches to Bring Comprehensive Cannabis Management Solutions to Native American Tribes

Native Gro made its debut today at the Native American Hemp & Cannabis Conference at Harrah’s Resort in California. Officially established on 4/20, Native Gro leverages the combined experience and expertise of Violet Gro, an indoor agriculture lighting company; Hyperponic, an integrated vertical grow management system; and Sunflower Consulting Group, a trusted partner specializing in tribal gas stations and convenience stores, to provide the managerial and operational services necessary to create your ideal combination of convenience store, cannabis dispensary, and indoor grow operations.

Native Gro is a new cannabis grow and retail management enterprise aiming to increase Native American tribes’ opportunities to enter the cannabis industry.
“Building on the expertise and experience of each of our partners, Native Gro will seek to partner with Native American tribes looking to enter the cannabis industry,” said Ali McKenzie, COO of Native Gro. “Our goal is to assist tribes who want to take advantage of cannabis opportunities without having to do all of the research, labor, and growth operations themselves.”
With over 35 years of experience in convenience store operations, Sunflower Consulting Group specializes in all aspects of owner’s rep to guide clients from concept to opening and beyond with expertise in feasibility studies and business plans, construction management, store design, inventory, vendor contracts and more. Sunflower Consulting Group has over $200 million in completed projects over the last decade with 100% financing and no defaults.
For tribes interested in growing all or part of the cannabis for their dispensary operation, Native Gro offers the fully integrated vertical grow system from Hyperponic. The system provides a computer-controlled environment and nutrition management system, designed to deliver a temperature-controlled, oxygenated, nutrient-rich environment for plants to thrive while also optimizing yields and producing substantial savings. Leveraging the patented technology from Violet Gro, Hyperponic’s CropTowers integrate low-wattage LED lighting with targeted spectrum and layout to optimize plant performance. Native Gro reduces the upfront price of this multi-million-dollar CropTower system by offering it to Native American tribes through a variable cost model.
Native Gro uniquely provides all these services through a single entity, contract, and party to hold accountable for results. Through the combined expertise of its entities, Native Gro can cultivate low-risk, high-yield results for its tribal clients.
About Native Gro
Native Gro’s mission is to leverage our management expertise in the cannabis and retail industry to create prosperous partnerships with tribes and provide comprehensive management solutions for integrated cannabis grow & retail operations. From concept to reality, we offer a single entity to provide the managerial and operational services necessary to create your ideal combination of convenience store, cannabis dispensary, and indoor grow operations. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook (@nativegro) or LinkedIn (@native-gro).
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Alexis Quintal
Source: Violet Gro