National Singles Day: Credello Discusses 4 Ways Being Single Can Help People Save Money

Bachelors and bachelorettes are gearing up for the big celebration. National Singles Day is Saturday, September 25. It’s time to revel in the freedom of being unfettered by the bonds of a committed relationship, an opportunity to rejoice at the opportunity to continue meeting new partners, and a chance to go to at least one more singles party. 
There are clear advantages to being single, yet some still choose to focus on the negative. Will I ever meet the right partner? Can I make it financially on my own? Budgeting with only one income is hard, especially when you’re in debt. Try calculating a payoff with the debt avalanche method when you’re barely making expenses and trying to have a social life. 
National Singles Day is not the right time for negative thoughts. There is a positive aspect to being single that many young people fail to recognize. Instead of looking at how you come up short because you only have one income, start looking at how much you can do with what you have. Being single can make you rich faster. Here are four reasons why: 
1. You Are in Complete Control of Your Finances
Looking for a positive thought? You’re in complete control of your finances. There’s no one to ask if you can spend when you want to spend. On the flip side of that, you’re also not under pressure to spend when it doesn’t feel right. Single people don’t need to live up to someone else’s standards. Buy a used car. Live in a rooming house. It’s all in your hands.  
2. You Have More Time to Earn Extra Income
Are you worried about making ends meet on a single income? Start a side hustle. Get a part-time second job. There’s no one at home waiting for you and demanding that you spend more time with them. You’re single. Your time is your own. Use it to make extra money and improve your financial situation. If you’re working all the time, you’ll save bundles of money.  
3. You Can Easily Move to a More Affordable Neighborhood
Partners and spouses have their own standards of living. As a single person, you can choose to move to a more affordable location to save money. It won’t be the suburban single-family home with a white picket fence that a partner might desire, but you don’t need to worry about that. Live below your means right now, and you’ll achieve great things later in life. Spend less. Save more.   
4. You Can Sacrifice Without Hurting Others
Don’t read what we’re not saying here. When we talk about sacrifice, we’re referring to curbing your spending. Doing it while in a relationship can force your partner to make those same sacrifices. As a single person, the only one affected is you. This is the one time in your life when you can set extreme financial goals. Go for it. This is your chance to get ahead. 
The Bottom Line: Being Single Is an Opportunity
Simply viewing your situation in a positive light is the first step towards financial success. You have an opportunity to earn and save now while you’re unattached. You won’t have that when you enter a committed relationship. Seize the day. Recognizing this opportunity and acting on it will give you a reason to celebrate this Saturday. Happy National Singles Day!      
Source: Credello