National Safety Shelters Demonstrates Proven Success in Schools, Drawing the Attention of Corporate and Retail Professionals

National Safety Shelters have been successfully protecting schools against extreme weather conditions and violent attacks. School personnel are reporting that the shelters not only keep students, teachers, and school staff safe, but also that their presence creates a feeling of security. 
Arkansas schoolteacher Karen Chandler says many parents have expressed to her how glad they are that the school has installed classroom safety shelters, adding that she herself feels “safer than I ever have.” Schools are just one place where people need protection. Businesses, especially those with high customer traffic, have much to gain from the installation of shelters since they can effectively protect employees and customers against violent threats and destructive tornadoes.
“Our priority is safety,” said Dennis Corrado, President of National Safety Shelters. “We have seen how well our shelters have performed in schools against tornadoes and other threats, and we believe everyone can and should be afforded the same protection.” 
The Safety Pods, Safety Shelters and Safe Rooms available from National Safety Shelters protect people against active shooters, and severe weather, including EF5 tornadoes. The shelters are all handicap accessible and can be placed in pre-existing buildings without costly remodeling. They are designed to be accessed without having to exit the building or otherwise expose oneself to danger. The shelters’ modular design makes them adaptable and movable for remodeling or relocation. In addition to providing protection, shelters also dissuade would-be attackers. 
 “Safety shelters act as a crime deterrent, and there is nothing better than prevention,” said Corrado. “Protecting staff and customers is our first priority and offering people the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge they have a safe place to go is invaluable. Our shelters can also be used to safeguard cash and other precious valuables during or after business hours for protection against looting or theft.”
Safety assurance for staff, clients, and customers is critical to a company’s bottom line. 
If the worst should happen, shelters save lives. They are also a smart business investment, as shelters can make the difference between a company surviving or going out of business. Closure of facilities, delays in production, and disruption of the supply chain can all cause the collapse of a successful company. Safety shelters can mitigate the damage from critical events. 
“We have seen how National Safety Shelters not only keep people safe, but their presence also assures people that they are safe,” said Corrado. “We believe everyone deserves that level of protection and security, whether at school, work or shopping.”
About National Safety Shelters 
National Safety Shelters offers Safety Pods, Safety Shelters and Safe Rooms for instant protection from armed intruders, EF5 tornadoes, bomb threats and even earthquakes. Their modular design can be formatted to fit any particular need. Please visit to learn more about how National Safety Shelters can protect your school or office.
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