National Health Care Associates Introduces New Virtual Admissions Assistant – Lucy

National Health Care Associates Inc. (NHCA) has partnered with FURTHER, a conversational website-based technology tool, to offer instant virtual assistance to residents and their families. The program kicked off in March and has shown such great success that NHCA took the platform to the next level and officially gave its virtual assistant a name and face.
In a world driven by technology and the need for real-time assistance, meet Lucy. She’s available to digital consumers 24/7 to offer instant answers and solutions via National Health Care Associate’s affiliate centers’ websites, which can be found at Lucy connects with online customers, assesses their needs and hands off the information to the center’s Director of Admissions to follow-up, saving customers time.
“At National Health Care Associates, we strive to find innovative ways to offer the best service to our residents and their loved ones. Our industry is one where on-demand connection has become a necessity,” said Christina Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer. “Lucy plays an important role in giving people the help and answers they need, when they need it. While she does not replace the relationships and connections we pride ourselves on building with our residents, families and referral sources, Lucy helps us put our customers first by connecting with those seeking help online in real-time.”
Virtual assistants are becoming more popular as people continue to depend on technology for answers. The platform through FURTHER offers 24/7 coverage, instant answers and easy website navigation. The platform is also integrated with Google My Business (GMB), making it easy for customers to schedule a tour of a center directly from the GMB listing.
Here’s an example of Lucy’s fast-tracked assistance at NHCA affiliate Hebrew Center for Health & Rehabilitation in West Hartford, Connecticut. Over a weekend, the family member of a hospitalized loved one asked Lucy about rehabilitation options. Lucy gathered some information and then handed the message off to the Director of Admissions, who quickly connected with the family member to answer their questions, put them at ease and make arrangements for their loved one.    
“With over 2 million conversations and counting, FURTHER allows loved ones to feel engaged the very moment they arrive on the website,” said Thomas Bierlein, SVP of Senior Living, FURTHER. “Our Virtual Sales Assistants, like Lucy, provide family members with a familiar way to find the information they want, when they want it. We are excited to partner with National Health Care Associates to deliver exceptional experiences to their entire community of patients and loved ones.”
Need instant answers? Go to, choose your center and ask Lucy. She’s happy to help!
About National Health Care Associates: National Health Care Associates (NHCA), is a leading provider of long-term care and rehabilitation. NHCA operates a post-acute network of skilled nursing and assisted-living centers throughout the Northeast.
Contact: Cathy Toscano at or 516-260-0516.
Source: National Health Care Associates