National Association of Distinguished Professionals Selects Joel Slayter as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Online Registry

Joel Slayter, Senior Principle for Houston Offshore Engineering, has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals.

Joel Slayter began working in the marine industry as a junior draftsman in 1976 after spending much of the 60’s and 70’s working in various other arenas, such as automotive and welding, as a Good Will ambassador, in addition to serving 11 years in the US Army (A&R) in the fire and crash rescue units, then later serving as a civilian fireman and assistant fire marshal.

In 1976, in an attempt to look forward, Mr. Slayter changed his field of study in a more technical direction of higher educational physics. This was from the financial growing needs of a new wife and the encouragements from his father, Dr. JE Slayter, who was serving as a nuclear marine inspector.

Like so many others, Mr. Slayter’s duties, responsibilities, and opportunities are determined by his superiors. Their evaluation of his abilities and experience, along with his interactions with fellow colleagues, has provided him with a chain of opportunities that led him to where he is today. Currently, Mr. Slayter serves as senior design principle with Houston Offshore Engineering, creating various new-build ocean vessels, including TLP’s, Spar, and Semi hull forms for the oil and gas industry, as well as reconstruction and modifications.

During Mr. Slayter’s 35 years of experience in the offshore and marine industry, he has served as a site representative, engineering coordinator, and project manager for major shipyard fabrication projects, and has extensive experience in the areas of detail design concerning structure, outfitting, HVAC, and piping systems of offshore structures, and marine vessels. All of this experience contributes to his success in this industry in the United States as well as time abroad.

Mr. Slayter has had multiple achievements in his career, including several engineering awards and compensations for outstanding employee achievements. He’s also assisted in starting state-certified AutoCad courses at Jackson County Community College, was a “Tiger” team member between engineering, production, and the US Navy with Bath Iron Works, contributed to several new technology innovations for DOD, and now provides free tutoring for several students that are having trouble in apprenticeship programs.

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