Natasha Payne’s New Book ‘I Was Broken Before You Broke Me More’ is a Heartbreaking Account Recounting a Life of Abuse and Hurt

Fulton Books author, Natasha Payne, is an author, an artist, and a photographer. She has completed her most recent book “I Was Broken Before You Broke Me More”: a heart-stirring memoir that speaks about the boundless courage of a woman whose youth was filled with pain from her stepfather’s abusive behavior and her mother’s disregard.
Natasha has been waiting for an apology from her stepfather who sexually abused her as a child. Natasha has been through secondary trauma as well. Her family does not believe this happened to her. Her mother and siblings do not want any part of her in their lives. They are in complete denial. One thing a child hopes to hear from her mother when she tells her mother such a horrid secret is ‘I believe you.’ Not only did she not receive that, but she never received justice. She received pain and heartache. She learned to be an amazing mother for her children. She will not let what happened to her in the past to control her future.
Published by Fulton Books, Natasha Payne’s book is an honest retelling of one woman’s upbringing centered on traumatic events brought by her own family.
Throughout a journey of pain, she also brings to light the very important people who have helped her stand back up again.
Readers who wish to experience this awe-inspiring work can purchase “I Was Broken Before You Broke Me More” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books