NameQuest Brand Naming Time to Value Advantage

In today’s highly competitive and over-communicated world, companies need every possible advantage to succeed. The innovative NameQuest Verbal DNA Time to Value Advantage methodology assists leading companies worldwide in achieving their business objectives. Many companies have discovered that no internal team can do it all and seek a trusted brand naming partner with a strategic mindset.
Here are two examples of the NameQuest Verbal DNA Time to Value Advantage:
The IceBreakers mints and gum business achieved consistent double-digit growth. Within four years the brand eclipsed the $100 million mark in annual sales.
Ice Breakers has shown that when innovation is brought to a category utilizing NameQuest’s Verbal DNA process, consumers will respond. The American Marketing Association awarded the Nabisco Company and NameQuest with the Edison Best New Product Branding award. A trusted partnership with NameQuest resulted in a successful time to value outcome.
Skintimate is the # 1 selling women’s shave preparation in the U.S. NameQuest and SC Johnson partnered on this strategic brand re-naming initiative. Prior to the re-naming, Soft Sense was # 5 in the category.
Companies that partner with NameQuest gain access to the tools and experience required to launch winning new product initiatives. NameQuest delivers an effective and efficient brand naming solution. A solution that will have a measurable impact on a business’s R.O.I.
Today, consumers have more options and choices, but they have less time. Based on NameQuest’s research on research products and services need specific and innate verbal communication values to be successful. We refer to these strategic communication elements as NameQuest Verbal DNA. The NameQuest Verbal DNA methodology builds brand names with the inherent characteristics needed to achieve success anywhere in the world.
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John Hoeppner, President and Founder, is often referred to as the inventor of the science of name research. NameQuest, established in 1984, is the world’s leading naming company and has conducted more verbal brand name development market research than any other company worldwide.
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