MyHealthMath Unveils Future of Health Plan Decision Support With New Personalized Consumer Platform, Decision Doc

Insurtech company MyHealthMath today announced the launch of Decision Doc, a new twist on health plan decision support that uses a uniquely personalized approach to help employees choose a health plan. Decision Doc is the latest product release for MyHealthMath and builds off thousands of past employee interactions.
With Decision Doc, employees go through a series of detailed questions about their specific medical needs—covering everything from allergies to surgeries to prescriptions. Unlike many solutions, Decision Doc’s analysis is based purely on individual data rather than broad generalizations, which leads to uniquely accurate results that employees trust. The platform provides helpful hints and resources along the way, before delivering an interactive report showing which health plan will save the employee the most money based on their specific medical needs. Alternatively, employees can also see a report based on their past medical claims.
Decision Doc stands out by providing unprecedented transparency into consumer healthcare costs. Employees can see the estimated total costs associated with each of their health plans, and can add and remove services and see in real time how those changes affect their costs.
“Decision support is only effective if people trust the results, which is why Decision Doc places such a premium on personalization and transparency,” says MyHealthMath Chief Technology Officer, Dave Widener, MBA. “People trust guidance that’s about them and speaks to their specific medical needs. And they trust it even more when they can see where it’s coming from and how it’s calculated. Decision Doc does all of that; plus it’s a pretty fun platform to play around in.”
With live analysts available to walk through the questions and analyze the results, Decision Doc also raises the standard on consumer support and education. Employers can even customize the platform by adding helpful messages regarding open enrollment, such as whether their health plan options have changed or if the employer provides HSA/HRA contributions.
“Studies show that year after year, the majority of employees choose the wrong health plan, often overspending by upwards of $1,000 a year,” says MyHealthMath President and Medical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Cote, MD, MPH. “No one would willingly throw away that money, but behavior change is really hard. That’s why Decision Doc is based in behavioral science. We focus on trust, transparency, and personalization—three key ingredients for helping employees actually make a change and choose a better plan.”
About MyHealthMath
MyHealthMath is an Insurtech firm that helps people choose the most cost-effective health plan, saving money for employers and employees. Based in Portland, Maine, MyHealthMath has direct and SaaS clients throughout the U.S. As a neutral third party, MyHealthMath guarantees confidentiality for all individual-use data collected from claim reports and individual interviews. To learn more about MyHealthMath, visit
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