MyFruitTruck Continues Their 2021 Tour

It is the season of peaches, avocados, cherries, and nectarines. You can get fresh ones delivered to you this season; the Fruit Truck is coming near you. The Fruit Truck is a family business that farms fresh fruits and bases in South Dakota. The company moves around various locations through the Midwest to deliver fresh fruits. “We are truly empowering consumers to demand fresh, higher-quality produce without the high costs typically found in the farm-to-table movement,” said Mitchell Olson, The Fruit Truck marketing director. Thus, the company’s objective is to make healthy, organic fruits available to places where they are scarce.
This year, My Fruit Truck makes its 2021 tour through cities including Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Nebraska, Montana, Washington, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. My Fruit Truck is calling out to interested persons to make their My Fruit Truck reservations. 
Here is how the 2021 tour would work. First, identify the location where My Fruit Truck is appointed to make their stop for the year. You can also look at their truck delivery schedule, which includes the dates per city. The trip plan also lists the kinds of fruits for delivery each day. The delivery calendar also provides the prices per ounce; hence you can know how to prepare. On the appointed date, you would go to the venue and check the reservation made for you and accept them. My Fruit Truck understands that not everyone may get the chance to know on time; hence there is an opportunity for you to still get some fresh peaches or nectarines for yourself if you didn’t make a reservation. The only challenge is that if you do not arrive at the venue in time, others like you might have gotten some of the extra fruits brought along by the fruits suppliers. Hence, if you are reading this almost late, you can have a good chance of partaking in the Fruit Truck tour by arriving at the venue early. The menu for 2021 includes Georgia peaches, Washington apricots, and Washington red cherries (dark red and rainier).
2021 tour begins on June 3rd and would occur intermittently across different locations until July 25th. Interested persons are advised to note that My Fruit Truck will not be delivering the same fruits across all locations and dates. Therefore, it is essential to make a reservation and check the delivery schedule.
Source: My Fruit Truck