My Residual Cash Blaster Honest Review residual income, residual income business opportunity, call me directly at 786-955-5444 my skype kenny.fabre So, What IS Residual Cash Blaster? The first thing to be aware of is that RCB is not some bizarre new scheme it is Network Marketing company, and these have been around for a long time. This is where you can purchase a product on a recurring basis (a subscription, basically) and then earn residual income by recommending it to others. RCB does have some very unique and interesting twists, however, which our Residual Cash Blaster Review will now examine. The Product: Many companies like this try to sell you on something like health supplements for $100+ every month that will stack up in your home. The RCB product on the other hand, is actually a membership to their website which features software and training. You can use to promote yourself, or any business or project you are a part of online. Think of it like being a member of a site like NetFlix, where you pay a monthly price to have access to their service. However, none of these sites that Im aware of can earn you thousands per month by bringing in a relatively small group of people as members. The website includes pre made as well as customizable capture web pages, email autoresponders, and much more. If you do not know what this means, there will be training, but it is also good to join this program under someone who DOES understand all of these features and how to use them. Note however that you do not have to work these tools to make

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