My Home Training 2007

This footage is from about 1 year ago. I had a bad experience with a coach and was basically left with nowhere to train for about 6 months. I started gym very late and therefore wasn’t the most talented person around but, at almost 21, rather than throw in the towel and give up I decided to push myself at home. My goals were simply to work on basic skills, and improve my strength and flexibility so that when the chance came a better gym would accept me. Well that chance did come and I was accepted the competitive program of a much better gym. I really am not a very good gymnast, but I love doing it so I think that really is all that is important. This training time at home was actually a very difficult time for me … I was very frustrated, but I decided to make this montage a positive and inspiring one. I actually used ‘Eye of the Tiger’ cause at the time I had just discovered the ‘Rocky” movies and found them to be very motivational to me. Basically I just want to show people that no matter what, if you love what you do you should just go for it. Even if progress is slow, it’s still progress. Trust me, when I started competing in gymnastics at about 17 I’m sure a lot of people would’ve laughed at me. Honours for this video so far (February 23rd) – #7 – Most Discussed (Today) – Sports – Australia #32 – Most Viewed (Today) – Sports – Australia #55 – Top Favorites (Today) – Australia #2 – Top Favorites (Today) – Sports – Australia #4 – Top Rated (Today) – Sports

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