MY DESI STAR: An Initiative for the South Asian Community in Australia

MYDESISTAR- a company formed with the vision to bring the South Asian community and Film Industry closer and accessible. The four main pillars of MYDESISTAR are-

Nick Bahl, Managing director of Bahl Homes: A famous name within the community for managing the biggest concerts of star celebrities.

Shinkoo Nabha, Director of Creative Events: A brand person known for hosting the most popular artists of Bollywood and Punjabi Music Industry.

Dharmendra Patel, Director of Aussizz Group: A notable founder of the biggest Migration Firms of Australia with offices spread all over the world.

Rupinder Brar, Director of PUNVEC Group: An established name in the Australian Sikh community and also in award-winning film production.

These great personalities came up with the four “Arms” and two “Feet” of MYDESISTAR to accomplish the mission that they had planned through strategically. The four Arms are described as-

1. Talent Representation: Wishing to provide the fresh talents of Australia the opportunity within the Film fraternity and in return, also give the industry the potential skills to work with.

2. Corporate Brand Management: We tend to join hands with bigger brand companies and then handle their unique and exclusive sponsorship for our community’s various shows and events.

3. Artists Management: We plan on creating a trustable name for the artists and then exclusively manage all their endorsements with the organisers and inversely also provide the organisers with fair arrangements with these artists.

4. Marketplace: For the above transactions to be efficient and timely, we intend to make use of the technology to develop a marketplace for the organisers and the artists.

With the vision to accomplish these set goals, the feet that would provide a strong foundation for the launch of this company were accomplished and brought into action are-

1. Signature Events: The events are focussed on helping the talented youths to achieve their dream careers with the presence of famous celebrities and huge crowd numbers. “Desi Youth Fest” is the first event under MYDESISTAR staged to provide the biggest talent platforms to the youths of Australia. Such events facilitate the formation of various sponsors, organisers and artists groups.

2. Content Production: For the promotion of this superb talent with the help of these formed groups, a production dwelling such material is majorly needed and thus, been formed.

Introducing MYDESISTAR, Nick Bahl, Managing Director of Bahl Homes, says: “We need the community support to make this huge with every growing year and with all our experience and ability used at its best. While illustrating this, Dharmendra Patel, Director of Aussizz Group, said: “We four came forward to do something significant for our community and with the vision to give back to the community immensely.”

The most beautiful things are not associated with money; instead, are linked with memories and moments experienced. MYDESISTAR is just here to make those!