MVTS Testing Finds Fuel Savings for BASF Axle Lubricants

Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS), a known leader in the transportation industry for its fuel economy research and innovative product testing process, recently tested BASF XFE Axle Lubricant, an engineered synthetic lubricant, and found that the product improved truck fuel efficiency.
“We are impressed and pleasantly surprised with the fuel savings found in the BASF XFE axle lubricant,” said Daryl Bear, lead engineer and COO of MVTS. “We knew there would be skepticism if savings were found in axle oils – even within Mesilla’s own fleet – which is why MVTS conducted multiple tests, used a rebranded version of the comparison oil to re-baseline the tests, and published results from the experimental axle lubricants as well.”
The certified testing process from MVTS was conducted on two 2016 International ProStar tractors with ‘twin screw’ Dana Spicer Drive axles with 3.36:1 axle ratios and a gross vehicle weight of 72,000 pounds. Tested and comparison oils were in new condition to eliminate any chance savings were a result of simply adding new oil. The test run of 150 miles was conducted on a 9-mile test track at 65 miles per hour. BASF paid for the test conducted by MVTS and MVTS purchased the BASF XFE Axle Lubricant used in the test.
MVTS tests showed a savings of 0.79 gallons/1000 miles, or 0.62 percent, for the BASF Emgard® XFE 7103 75W- 85 axle lubricant in comparison to the reference axle lubricant BASF Emgard® FE 75W-90—which was the factory spec axle lube for Dana axles in both Navistar trucks MVTS used during testing. In addition to the fuel savings, testing also showed an improvement of axle oil temperatures: the front drive axle decreased 5.6°F while the rear drive axle temperature decreased by 8.9°F. Reduction in operating temperatures promotes longevity and enables extended oil drain intervals. MVTS has tested other axle lubricants previously and this is the first time a product has shown to improve fuel efficiency.
“The decrease in axle temperatures was added proof that energy was being saved with these more fuel-efficient axle lubes,” said Bear. “Furthermore, MVTS evaluated BASF XFE for a fleet client later in 2020 and measured very similar results. That test was conducted on a different brand of tractor and axle, which further proves how reliable the results are. Overall, we are very confident in the fuel savings from the BASF XFE axle lubricant and believe it is an easy savings option fleets can capitalize on.”
MVTS calculated that the BASF XFE axle lubricant would provide a fuel savings of 99 gallons per year – a monetary savings of $303 in fuel and a payback (ROI) of two months – for the test vehicle traveling 125,000 miles. Using this same data, MVTS also calculated that a 1,000-truck fleet could see annual profits of $253,000 in the first year and $303,000 in subsequent years, as well as a $1,465 million profit for a 1,000-truck fleet with a five-year truck life.
BASF has been providing lubricants to the trucking industry since 1984. The BASF XFE  axle lubricant currently can be spec-ordered through Navistar or aftermarket through Spicer Lubricants.
A full version of the test report can be downloaded at
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Source: Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions