Muse Watson, (‘NCIS’), Returns to Television as the Creator of All Worlds in ‘Diary of a Lunatic: Sylke’s Tales’

Muse Watson, (“NCIS”), returns to television as the creator of all worlds in “Diary of a Lunatic: Sylke’s Tales”, along with Martial Arts Legend Cynthia Rothrock (“China O’Brien”), and Yancy Butler (“Witchblade”).
“Diary of a Lunatic: Sylke’s Tales” is a 6 episode action-packed mini-series. Every human has alter egos that live in parallel worlds, the boundaries between these parallel universes have become fragile, planets are collapsing and alter egos are slipping through the crumbling universes and attaching to the wrong people. This action-comedy, fantasy show will premiere March 5, 2021, on Amazon Prime. For more information on “Diary of a Lunatic: Sylke’s Tales” please visit or follow the mini-series’ Instagram page @DiaryOfALunatic.TV and Facebook page @DiaryOfALunatic
Contact: Gianna Lopez:  PH#: 716.998.7084
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