Multimedia National Agency Subscribes to Nielsen Nationwide and Act 1 Software

Multimedia National Agency, a company focused on national sales for television, radio, cable and audio networks, is subscribing to Nielsen Nationwide measurement and Act 1software. 
“In order to compete with Premiere, iHeart, and SkyView among other audio networks, we need to subscribe to Nielsen Nationwide and Act 1 software to be able to present agencies and clients our customized offering and syndicated programming,” said Jose Villafañe CEO at MNA. “Nielsen Nationwide is a resourceful tool and provides agencies and clients confidence in our products and services.
He continued, “Prior to the pandemic, Network Radio presented a $1.3B annual advertising revenue opportunity. While there are over 300 advertisers and brands in the general market, only a third of these are advertising in Spanish language networks. We believe we can change that by making agencies and clients first priority. This includes providing spot translation, production, customizing content, endorsement, live reads and social media extensions at no additional cost.”
Multimedia National Agency is a media management firm focused on national television, radio and cable sales serving as an extension to local media station’s teams. MNA is built on dedicated teams of NSM’s and experts who provide knowledge and information across sales, content, consumer insights, and campaign analytics. Multimedia National Agency’s team of experts prides themselves in delivering fast, professional and aggressive service to station partners. The company structure provides clients with a focus on local sales and programming by offering premium national service to stations, rep firm and brands.
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Source: Multimedia National Agency