Multidisciplinary Artist Claudio Bellini is Pushing the Limits of 3D Art With the Minted Teddy NFT Avatar Project

With Minted Teddy, Claudio sets to redefine what NFT avatars stand for. Unlike other NFT avatar projects such as Bored Apes and Cool Cats, each Minted Teddy profile picture is a stunning piece of fine 3D art, and that is just the beginning.
Claudio has been working on the project for several months while pushing the limits of 3D design and generative art with each teddy NFT. 
“I was attracted to Minted Teddy because of the passion the team has for creating the most impactful teddy bear character to impact kids and crypto parents positively,” said Claudio. “This is our legacy project, which can live forever in the metaverse, and our opportunity to touch the future generations.”
The design process for Minted Teddy is quite intense and time-consuming, but the results are extraordinary 3D teddies. Each teddy in the collection is unique and designed by Claudio before starting the procedural variation process. After that, Claudio inspects all teddies manually for quality control, touch-ups, and re-rendering. 
“We pour our heart and soul into each teddy,” says Zoran Kovacevic, the founder of Toymint and Minted Teddy. “Claudio is a gift from the universe because he obsesses about making each special.”
Minted Teddy NFTs will evolve into metaverse-ready avatars and go on various adventures that blur the lines between physical and digital life.
About Claudio Bellini
Claudio graduated from Venice Conservatory, where he became passionate about electronic music, new media for 3D art and musical programming.
His works have been showcased in international events such as Mutek San Francisco, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Super Nova digital animation festival 2020 (Denver), Toronto Lift-Of film festival, Košice International Monthly Film Festival, Creative Code Art festival (N.Y.), NEO SHIBUYA TV (Tokyo).
Visit Claudio’s Instagram account for more info.
About Minted Teddy
Minted Teddy is a collection of 11,111 NFTs that will evolve into metaverse-ready 3D avatars and come with a sustainable next-gen toy and access to Minted Teddy Club to collect members-only merchandise and toys. 
Early collectors will reap the benefits of a cascading drop schedule. The first drop is coming Mid-December, and you can join the whitelist on the Minted Teddy website.
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