MU2 Pro Offering High-Quality Video Production Services

MU2 Pro, a creative team specializing in video production in Miami, is now offering clients an expansive range of video production services. Founded in 2009, MU2 Pro is acclaimed as one of the leading video production companies in Miami. The expert team offers high-quality digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, social media campaigns, and documentary-style marketing products. 
Uber, Disney, McDonald’s, QVC, and Toyota are just a few of the companies that have sought out MU2 Pro for their cutting-edge video production and video marketing services. The video production company takes pride in its ability to “provide expert corporate video services that help meet the needs of today’s most innovative businesses.”
Residents of Miami and South Florida, as well as those who travel there to film in the picturesque city, rely on the MU2 Pro team for all their Miami video production needs. The extensive network of professional contacts maintained by MU2 Pro allows them to access a large selection of resources, including video production staffing, makeup artists, stylists, set employees, casting agencies, and more. 
Likewise, the in-house MU2 Pro production team offers experience, enthusiasm, and professionalism, as well as all of the most up-to-date top-tier production and camera equipment required for a wide range of video productions.
In addition to their sought-after team of professionals and video production services in Miami, MU2 Pro also offers video equipment rental. According to the team, proper gear and equipment rental is an essential component of any professional project, and they have some of the most advanced equipment on the market to handle any project, big or small. MU2 Pro offers a comprehensive list of rental video equipment to meet your video production needs, including top brands such as Phantom Flex, Cineovision Anamorphic, and Kowa Anamorphic.
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About MU2 Pro
MU2 Productions is a full-service digital video production company and one of the top creative agencies in Miami. Established in 2009, MU2 Productions specializes in highly crafted media products and production services for corporate and culinary marketing videos, as well as the supply of gear rentals and crews for any video project needs.
Source: MU2 Productions