MRE SERVICES India Gets Recognized In Silicon India’s List Of “Best Companies To Work For – 2020”

The current pandemic is taking a toll on human lives as well as businesses across the world. From limiting the workforce to complete shutdown, COVID-19 has left corporates lurching. However, even in this adverse situation, there are a few companies that have refused to surrender. The US-India based business magazine Silicon India, in its special issue, has mentioned such companies along with their CEOs, who have efficiently managed to keep their businesses running when many of their peers have succumbed to the economic downfall.

Titled “Best Companies To Work For – 2020,” the story focuses on how the pandemic has changed the work culture around the globe. This special issue covers business giants, MSMEs, SMEs, and includes a detailed report of companies that offer the best working environment. Among others, has also managed a place on this list. The company has been acknowledged to foster the best culture of work ethics and accountability.

MRESERVICESIndia is a digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including Social Media Marketing, Paid Media Marketing, SEO, Web Portal & App Design-Development, Business Coaching, and Content Marketing.

MRE was founded with the holistic vision of enabling companies of all sizes – and budgets – gain swift access to the latest and most cutting edge technologies and ideas for communications, marketing, and sales.

Many digital marketing initiatives that you’ve planned to kick in action, but cannot because of lack of expertise, the resources, or budget – that’s where we step in!

Our Values
Every success story has a journey, and that’s the reason why they’re in business. As a marketing wizard, we love connecting your journey to your clients.
Every project has a story, and good storytelling can captivate the right audience.
Marketing buzzwords fizzle out, but great content leaves an impression.
That no industry has to be dry, boring, or resort to tired cliches
That creativity and results go hand-in-hand.
We believe that strategy, creativity, and results go hand-in-hand. We help brands live their stories and extend their experiences to the right people ensuring attainment of the brand goals.

“I enjoy being around enthusiastic and active people who are ready to undertake any challenge, and I ensure the same reflects in my behavior every hour and every day,” says company’s CEO Rishav Raj, who is a well-versed leader and has successfully escalated four startups to a sustained growth phase. The company is backed by highly creative professionals with an abundance of experience in the marketing industry. With a technically advanced workspace, excellent work culture, employee-friendly policies, and uncompromising work ethics.

MRESERVICESIndia stands out as a company that dares to look beyond business and values relationships over monetary benefits. The company welcomes every individual who is hard-working and isn’t afraid of challenges.