Mpowered Health launches healthcare’s next-generation ‘digital front door’ with industry’s first FHIR®-compliant member portal

Mpowered Health, a consumer-driven healthcare technology company, launched the industry’s first FHIR®-compliant member/patient portal for payers and providers. The company’s ‘plug and play’ portal is available on the web and mobile and helps increase consumer engagement by delivering a highly personalized, self-service-enabled experience.
Mpowered Health’s member portal, the industry’s first FHIR-complaint portal, enables payers and providers to deliver 24/7 on-demand access to health information for their members, be it medical, financial, care or other information. The portal’s granular member / patient consent capabilities enables payers and providers to streamline engagement activities related to care plans, treatments & visits, sharing records, advance directives, member or patient onboarding, billing and other activities.
The highly configurable portal is already integrated with Mpowered Health’s CMS 9115F compliance solution to deliver 100% compliance with CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule. The portal can also be easily synced with the company’s proprietary CMS Interoperability and compliance platform. The FHIR-compliant portal supports all key elements for CMS 9115-F mandate, including USCDI data elements as defined in Patient Access APIs and Pharmacy & Provider details coming from Provider Directory APIs.
The portal is also integrated with Mpowered Health’s consumer platform that is already being used by people to consolidate their records from Medicare & leading health systems in the country and access services such as second opinions. 
“We as an industry have long acknowledged the need for a robust digital front door for payers & providers to streamline communications with their consumers. However, what is also much needed is the ability for these digital front doors to communicate with the consumer’s digital front door – whatever that may be,” says Nandini Devi, Founder & CEO, Mpowered Health. “Mpowered Health’s member portal achieves exactly that with the FHIR-compliant, consent-enabled capabilities.” Prior to founding Mpowered Health, Nandini co-founded ZeOmega and helped scale it into one of the largest population health management solutions companies in the industry.
Nandini founded Mpowered Health in February 2019 as a bold move intended to give consumers a voice, the transparency, the choice, the access and the convenience they need to manage their own and their family’s healthcare.
About Mpowered Health
Mpowered Health is a consumer-driven healthcare technology company committed to creating a better healthcare experience for consumers and enterprises. The California-based company empowers consumers to take charge of their healthcare by providing mobile-led solutions that improve transparency, choice, access and convenience. The company, in recognizing that consumer empowerment cannot be a zero-sum game, provides enterprise solutions in compliance, consumer acquisition & engagement to enable healthcare organizations to serve their consumers more effectively.
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