MOTUS | ONE On Being Resilient Amidst The Global Pandemic

The events industry if not first, is one of the top markets that have been disrupted by the unprecedented effects of COVID-19. As early as February of 2020, several events have been postponed and canceled. It took the events industry by storm and now, the market is in a huge standstill.

Events transportation consultant MOTUS | ONE has been supporting events for major companies for years now and has seen how it has affected several businesses worldwide. Dana Buchawiecki, CEO of MOTUS | ONE says that they understand how significant its effect is not just for the business but for the thousands of support staff as well. He also mentions that resilient leadership is what’s needed during these times of uncertainty.

“Heedless of the gravity of COVID-19’s implications on our business, we choose to live by a resilient leadership that we believe should be the same for any other logistics and event transportation companies. “ Dana explains.

In any kind of crisis such as this, the initial response will determine the outcome in the long run. While it is only natural to feel unsure and overwhelmed, businesses should be able to maintain level-headed thinking and take the time to study all possible outcomes when making decisions. Dana continues,

“Businesses should think about the implications this current scenario can have on the people that constitute the business. From the customers, clients, vendors, stakeholders, down to the employees. The people who drive your business should feel secure and taken care of.”

Now is the perfect time to look inside the existing business structures, rework business continuity processes, and find areas of improvement outside of primary verticals.

Meanwhile, MOTUS | ONE looks forward to working with their clients and suppliers again.

“We have come to a turning point where client communications are essential to sustain relationships and maintain business continuity, especially now where we still receive requests for large-scale effects within the GCC. “ Dana concludes.