more than 40 free codes if they dont work ask for one i will send

Download it: Dont rely entirely on free advertising with ezinesthe publisher has to make a living toobut if you can offer a more than fair exchange you could find that you get some good traffic at no cost. Later, as your advertising budget grows, be sure to pay for advertising in any ezine that was gracious enough to give you free ad space. Especially if you got a good benefit from it—either in sales or in building your list. * Articles: many ezine publishers are looking for contentso you can write unique articles for a particular ezine as opposed to submitting it to an article directory. Check with the publisher for detailsbut you should be able to have a link to your website or product in the article resource box. * Joint Ventures: in this case your product is promoted in exchange for a percentage of the profits generated rather than a flat advertising fee. This can be a great way to get your information out if you dont have an advertising budgetand it costs you no more than a joint venture with another affiliate * Space filling: the publisher wants their ezine to look full. What full looks like is an individual taste, but generally speaking, they will want the space to look appealing to other advertisers as well as their readers. If they only have one or two ads then it might not look to another advertiser like it is a good ezine to promote their product inso by have space filling ads for free or a discounted price they can actually make more money

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