More and more readers choose Europe Books, the publishing house that promotes the works of both established and emerging authors

Europe Books proposes books in English, written by both well-known and emerging authors, and distributes them throughout Europe. This is a successful formula, as the editors keep receiving an increasing number of cooperation requests.  
“We evaluate over 500 works a month, submitted by high-profile literary agencies or the authors themselves. Whether the writers are famous or not, our dedication is the same,” says Daniel De Prosperis, chief-editor at Europe Books, which proposes works by both popular and emerging authors in the same series of books.
Europe Books’ distribution network is one of the most widespread in the publishing sector, reaching twelve countries in the world.
As Europe Books’ team revealed, the project of the publishing house has deep roots, and is based upon three main principles:
We could add a fourth secret, that Europe Books’ staff did not mention, because it is actually an essential ingredient, rather than a secret: experience.
Europe Books is part of one of the most prolific international publishing groups, which has been operating in the sector for almost twenty years and is now deeply rooted in many European countries.
Innovation and experience are key words for Europe Books, one of the most appreciated editorial projects in the continent.
Source: Europe Books