MONITORAPP Utilizes ZTNA Technology for Comprehensive Protection

Cloud-based Security as a Service (SECaaS) specialist MONITORAPP utilizes Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) with their services for increased protection and better peace of mind.
While traditional authentication methods use Devices or IP Addresses, ZTNA is user-centered as well as identity and context-based. This means it provides secure remote access through enhanced authentication. As the need increases for applications to be accessible through the cloud, the risk of these applications experiencing attacks or vulnerabilities grows.
Zero trust is a new IT security approach, assuming that there are no trusted network boundaries and that all network transactions must be authenticated before they can be made. It assumes the network has been compromised and challenges the user/device to prove they are not attackers. Zero Trust requires strict identity verification for every user/device when attempting to access resources on a network, even if they are already within the network perimeter.
MONITORAPP’S Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service AIONCLOUD is based on edge computing and provides various security services such as Cloud WAF, Cloud WMS, and Cloud SWG. With the launch of ZTNA, AIONCLOUD is now able to provide a full network security stack.
MONTIRAPP also utilizes their threat intelligence platform, Application Insight Cloud Center (AICC) which collects and processes unstructured data from multiple sources to provide valuable information. This in combination with ZTNA makes for a more secure network with better peace of mind.
ZTNA alongside the scalability of the Global Node can be securely connected to SASE through strong user authentication anytime, anywhere. With the use of ZTNA, AIONCLOUD has risen to be a strong competitor in the global market with its SECaaS Platform.
AIONCLOUD’s Zero Trust technology eliminates the weaknesses of traditional security models by controlling access based on ID, device status, location, and other attributes.
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