Monetizing Network Resources Through Swarmbytes

Honeygain, the leading crowdsourced web intelligence network, brings its relationship with Internet Service Providers (ISP) to the next level by introducing Swarmbytes – a B2B solution to effortlessly monetize unallocated or idle network resources at scale.
For Honeygain, a primarily B2C brand, the introduction of Swarmbytes was a natural next step due to the inherent challenges of onboarding users with thousands of IPs (e.g. ISP). The newly developed Swarmbytes software suite allows IP managers to share their resources and monetize them effortlessly. Additionally, all partners are given access to a dedicated dashboard to monitor earnings in real-time. As this is still a new opportunity for ISPs, Swarmbytes offers the help of personal account managers, who will help through the onboarding period and continue to support over the lifetime of a partner.

“It may take as little as six minutes to set up and start monetizing an unused IP address while it’s idle between DHCP leases,” says Amber Rimola, Head of Partnerships at Honeygain. “The Swarmbytes network will dynamically adjust to any number of connected IPs – ISPs can even start with one IP address; we’ll monetize that.”
By joining Swarmbytes – ISPs, Hotspot Network and IP managers can open new business and revenue opportunities with otherwise idle resources, namely – unused bandwidth and residential IP addresses. Additionally, Honeygain moves forward as a leading provider of transparently sourced web intelligence infrastructure, offering an unseen monetization opportunity for individual users and businesses. 
About Honeygain
Honeygain is the world’s leading crowdsourced web intelligence network. The brand provides an opportunity to earn money passively for anyone around the globe. Honeygain’s business partners use a one-of-the-kind web intelligence network to supercharge their daily business operations for such essential industries in our modern economy: e-commerce, venture capital, advertising, and web analytics. Honeygain has been praised as one of the best passive income apps compared to all similar networking-based solutions in a relatively short space of time.
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