Modern systems for digital equipment and software … Seminar at the Egyptian Road Authority

The Egyptian-Emirates Consulting Group for Arab African Studies “CGAAM” and US International Cybernetics held a scientific symposium at the headquarters of the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transportation,cairo, under the title “Modern Technologies &Equipment for the Management and Evaluation of Pavement Road Assets and Bridges”. , And Jason Trotter as International Cybernetics, the US partner of CGAAM.

Eng. Sherif Abou El-Senoun, General Manager of the “CGAAM” Group, said that the symposium dealt with explaining and analyzing the latest digital non destructive equipment and software in the field of roads and bridges Assets Management Systems, which are produced by the American company “International Cybernetics” and those modern systems are currently being used in most European and American countries and some Gulf countries: – IRIS (Integrated Road Information System) digital system for the evaluation and management of roads and bridges assets and is a modern digital technology for collecting and numbering road and bridges network data throughout the Republic of Egypt and evaluating them periodically after exposure to all conditions, whether climate or traffic.

– The RAMS (Road Asset Management Systen) digital system for the management of maintenance of Roads and Bridges Assets is a modern technology in managing, operating, directing and controlling maintenance resources and controlling, optimize them in a modern scientific digital way. This helps to prioritise Budgets required, which reduces a lot of costs, especially for the limited labor needed to complete these tasks.

The symposium was very successful attended by a large number of specialists from various companies, engineering offices and government agencies working in this field, and they praised the tremendous boom in the field of roads that the country witnessed during the past 4 years, praising the efforts made by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and the Egyptian state in the field of roads, bridges and land transport.

The attendees praised also the efforts of the consultative group “CGAAM” and International Cybernetics for their efforts to introduce the latest modern technologies in the field of road assets management systems to the General Authority of Roads& Bridges and Land Transportion GARBLT and other government agencies.