MobiCard CEO to Present at Starlight Capital Technology Investment Forum

Joshua Sodaitis, CEO of MobiCard, an exclusive and revolutionary digital business card platform exchange for seamless networking, will be a presenter at the Starlight Capital Technology Investment Forum.
The two-hour event, being held via Zoom at 12 noon EST on Thursday, May 13, will be hosted by Barbra Ongwico, an associate at Venture Management Company with more than 10 years of experience in venture capital, financial event management, and clinical research.
MobiCard is an industry pioneer in the digital business card exchange space. The platform provides users with the opportunity to link video tools, websites, email addresses, social media sites, Google driving directions, and even personalized audio voice recordings to their online cards. Available as a smartphone app, MobiCard provides real-time alerts when information is activated on the platform.
The Starlight Capital Technology Investment Forum will feature compelling and innovative companies presenting their opportunities to and receiving questions and comments from investor guests. The upcoming virtual networking event will function like speed-dating, but with high net worth investors, venture capital firms, and hedge fund representatives as members of the audience. The format is strictly presentations, followed by Q&A with carefully vetted companies of interest, with no industry speakers, sponsor pitches, rankings, or judging.
“I am beyond excited to present MobiCard to such an incredibly qualified group of investors and industry experts,” said Sodaitis. 
“Our team has put in countless hours to develop and promote a service that we truly believe has the potential to revolutionize the classic exchange of business cards. Users are no longer restricted to the standard phone number, email address, and professional title limitations that are commonly found on physical cards. Our cards are built for engagement, and we are ready to put them in the digital pockets of millions of professionals.”
MobiCard strives to replace traditional business cards to create a more efficient information exchange – a demand that has become especially prevalent in a COVID-19 environment. The market’s billion-dollar potential stems from its ability to assist every gender, every race, and every age over 18.
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About MobiCard:MobiCard has created a game-changer in the networking arena thanks to its exclusive and revolutionary, customizable digital business card platform. This flexible and robust application makes exchanging contact information virtually a seamless experience. There’s no limit to the creativity and ingenuity this app can provide for businesses and professionals alike as it provides an innovative networking solution that’ll disrupt the traditional paper business card business.
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