MN Senate Debates/Passes Bonding Bill That Gov Will Veto

Monday night the Minnesota Senate debated and passed the bonding bill. Twitter notes by Timecode below: 20:34:17;00 Sen. Pappas – ‘This is definitely a jobs bill, a jobs bill, a jobs bill’ #mnleg 20:35:56;00 Sen. Pogemiller – “We never cut off debate here” (very loud “oh!” response from floor) #mnleg 20:37:12;00 Sen. Pogemiller – With a twinkle in his eye: “There is no urgency to get this bill to the Governor tonight” #mnleg 20:48:24;00 Governor Pawlenty has stated he will veto (recently passed in the House) Bonding Bill. Here’s his letter #mnleg 20:52:16;00 Senate has just received word of House vote on HF 2700. Senate is now under call. #mnleg 20:59:23;00 Sen Pogemiller: not every idea that the Governor has is going to make it on this bill. There has to be joint cooperation #mnleg 21:05:18;00 Sen. Ortman – Legislature may be rushing the bill through before the March 2 budget forecast is released #mnleg 21:13:26;00 Sen. Hann – It’s not about voting for the bill so you can take some “goodies” back to your city #mnleg 21:32:19;00 Sen. waiting for Kubly to return before voting is closed. Sen. has been waiting for nearly 10 minutes…. #mnleg 21:38:06;00 Senate votes 47-19 to pass Bonding Bill. It will now be sent to Governor Pawlenty, who will veto. He explains why: 21:40:36;00 Senate Adjourned. The Senate and House would surely be pleased to know that Minnesotans like you are watching #mnleg Distributed by Tubemogul.

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