MIXXTAPE: Not Your Parents’ Cassette Tape

The cassette is back! Again! Mixxim recently launched the fourth-generation MIXXTAPE, the high-resolution audio player now available on Kickstarter. With a nostalgic, old-school look and feel, MIXXTAPE offers digital music lovers a new (and old) experience that delights the ears and stirs emotions.
Inventor Paul Burns calls it “nostalgia meets modern tech.”
“Our enjoyment of music, and the cultural rituals surrounding that enjoyment, is a complex and deeply social thing that engages more than just our ears,” Paul said. “The cassette is an iconic medium, steeped in musical history, that people can feel, handle, and experience together — unlike streaming files and virtual avatars.”
After making its first appearance in 2013, MIXXTAPE was updated in 2017 and was overwhelmingly successful, raising 1,215% in funding on the Kickstarter platform in the first 30 days. The Kickstarter team also selected it as one of the “Projects We Love.”
In 2019, the third generation of MIXXTAPE was released and earned its way to the top 10 finalists at the CES Last Gadget Standing competition. USA Today said, “If you’re craving the feel of an old-school cassette tape, look no further than MIXXTAPE, a portable music library packed into a case that looks just like a cassette.”
Key Features Include:
The MIXXTAPE not only looks like a cassette, but it plays like one, too. Simply drop it into an old boombox and start rocking to favorite jams ’80s style. It’s a listening experience music lovers won’t be able to find anywhere else.
Streaming services may be a convenient way to listen to tunes, but the audio compression of these services reduces the sound quality. If music lovers want a full, rich, sound experience, they’ll enjoy the MIXXTAPE Gen 4. Let’s face it: high-resolution audio always sounds fuller and more immersive.
Another special feature of the Gen 4 is that it comes with a metal casing that is engravable, so people are able to personalize their device or add a special message and give it to someone as a gift.
Anyone can support MIXXTAPE until July 15, 2021, when the Kickstarter campaign ends. The package includes:
Don’t miss out on the early bird price of $76. The regular retail price will be $121. Worldwide shipping is available.
About Mixxim:
MIXXTAPE was created by Mixxim, which merges classic craftsmanship with modern technology. Paul Burns is the inventor behind the unique products that are a combination of design and function. Mixxim’s goal is to challenge preconceptions of art and design and transform popular creations into original products. The organization seeks to give new context to contemporary ideas by creating fun and dynamic alternatives.
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