Mission Focus Today Announces the General Availability of SemApp

Mission Focus, experts in cloud compute and storage technology and inventors of the Sign Representation Framework which underpins a game-changing approach to data unification, today announces the general availability of SemApp, a system that coherently brings together information from disparate sources to form an Ultra-Large Scale unified compute and storage platform. 
Built on open source, massively parallel compute and storage infrastructure, SemApp is both a unified data store and a massively parallel computational engine. Domain data models are preserved, yet decoupled from the storage model. Data ingest is distortion-free and fast. The variety of domain-specific interfaces to the data are preserved while the system presents a single unified interface that spans the entirety of its holdings. The unified interface enables entirely new classes of analytics, tools, and applications to be developed for building, discovering, and exploiting connections within and across semantic boundaries. Processing products may be formed and distributed as finished analytic artifacts, such as visualizations and reports, while the content continues to participate in the increasingly rich web of data and processing within the SemApp. When populated with diverse data and processing at scale, the SemApp exposes a new substance to science and serves a laboratory for data-intensive research and development. 
“SemApp breaks the data barriers,” said Dr. Yoakum-Stover, Chief Scientist at Mission Focus. “It opens a door to new science.” 
“SemApp’s ultimate scale is limited only by the size of the cloud itself,” said Andrew Eick, CEO at Mission Focus. “Its use of scale-to-minimum cloud services and smart data lifecycle policies makes processing and managing data at scale efficient and, here’s the key — affordable.”
Source: Mission Focus