Mission Fat Hearts Movie Indiegogo Campaign Hopes to Inspire Ripples of Kindness That Turn Into Waves

Christmas comes early for two creators on a mission to change lives with the power of intentional kindness. Slated for release in December, their animated movie Mission Fat Hearts needs summertime crowdfunding support on Indiegogo now. Out to teach kids the power of goodwill’s simplest acts, the film couldn’t be more on time. With support, the holiday movie will inspire kids just in time to lighten the load of Santa’s dreaded Naughty List.

Created by Mandy Rohr, an elementary school teacher, and Rebecca Yee, the film’s producer, Mission Fat Hearts is just what its name says. It’s on a mission. With the help of a concerned Santa, his best elf Kisa, star pups Pookie and Thor, and top-secret agent elves, the film is an entertaining teaching tool. With it, children learn how to think generously so they can do generous things.

Rohr said, “We want to show kids that making cookies for neighbors, writing thank you notes, and using piggy bank money to pay it forward in a drive-thru line make a big difference.” Yee adds, “Yes, it all matters, and we want to celebrate that fact so kids will think for themselves and respond independently in kind.”

For more information, visit http://www.MissionFatHearts.com. To support the crowdfunding campaign, visit https://igg.me/at/MissionFatHearts2020.

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The Adventures of Pookie LLC is the producer of the Mission Fat Hearts animated film.

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