Miraz Securitas and Stark Resilient Has Announced their Distribution Tie-Up

Miraz Securitas and Stark Resilient today announced a major strategic tie-up for distribution of India’s first Automated Health Post to Win the Battle Against COVID-19. Stark Resilient’s FYI Health Post is a first-of-its-kind ‘Made in India’ proven and successful 6 feet tall ultramodern health post that offers all-in-one solution for authentication and identification of each person entering the premises. FYI Health Post offers automatic mask detection with a 7-inch LCD display, touchless temperature scanning, and contactless sanitisation with an auto-refill mechanism. It dispenses up to 800 sprays that are motion enabled and a single button operated autofill with an auto cut mechanism for efficient usage.

The Health post then integrates all information flow through a centralised User-Friendly web dashboard that sends 24×7 live alerts and detailed data of all employees, visitors and guests – present in the property to the assigned personnel’s – if anyone reaches the premise gate with alarming health condition or if the person does not follow COVID-19 prevention protocols like not wearing a facemask.

Hotels, business parks, banks, corporate offices, malls, hospitals, schools, retails can choose to identify all persons entering the location through face detection, RFID or QR scanning and this information is made available through a secure health dashboard for swift action in the case of a vulnerable profile.

According to Mr. Yash Raj Gupta, Founder, FYI Health, “Businesses need to resume and the need of the hour is solutions that can help them do so by complying with regulations, and ensuring that the health of their employees is not compromised. To create a safer environment, we came up with a hardware solution called FYI Health Post, a six-feet post (or tower) that can be installed at the entry point of enterprises, hotels, factories, banks, and hospitals among others”.

Mr. Yash Raj Gupta further adds, “FYI Health Post is motion-activated, and starts operating as soon as someone stand in front of it and the device’s 7inch LCD screen that allows visitors to interact with the device”.

Speaking on the strategic distribution and maintenance tie-up, Mr Atul Mahajan, Director, Miraz Securitas shares, “we feel proud to support Stark Resilient’s noble initiation. Star Resilient’s technology innovation will bring Indian industry the much needed support to fight their battle COVID-19 and to provide a safer business and work environment. Miraz Securitas will support FYI Health Post with its strong Facility Management client base and its distribution network infrastructure, across India”.