mindzie Launches New Free Desktop Process Mining Software

mindzie, inc. (“mindzie”), provider of process mining and business process optimization software, today announced the launch of a free desktop edition of its industry-leading low-code process mining platform.
Providing this platform at no cost will rapidly accelerate the use of process mining across companies that are interested in exploring process mining but may need to build a business case for companywide adoption. In addition, mindzie will be actively releasing the desktop edition to universities, colleges, and other research institutions to support their work in the fields of process mining and process intelligence.
“The cloud can be a powerful asset for businesses but it’s not for everyone,” said Daniel Hughes, mindzie’s Vice President. “Sectors including finance and healthcare, as well as other data-sensitive businesses, are still limited in their ability to leverage cloud applications. Our desktop edition will enable them to take advantage of all of the valuable insights process mining can provide while staying within data compliance rules.”
The desktop edition is available immediately for download at https://mindzie.com/desktop-edition-download/.
mindzie continues to remain focused on its mission to expand both the use cases as well as the number of people that can leverage process mining technology. The launch of the desktop edition will take a major step toward this goal by enabling researchers, academic, and business users alike to analyze process data right from their desktops.
For more information, please contact https://mindzie.com/contact/
About mindzie
mindzie is a North American-based leader in process mining and business process improvement. Its low-code process mining platform, the mindzie studio, enables businesses and users of all levels to gain valuable insights into ways to improve their operations. With out-of-the-box system connectors, analysis templates, root cause identification, and Predictive AI, mindzie enables businesses to quickly go from interest to insight. To learn more about mindzie, visit www.mindzie.com.
Source: mindzie, inc.