Mindbowser Started Transforming Healthcare via Telemedicine

San Francisco based Mindbowser Global Inc has launched new healthcare practice to help tech entrepreneurs and practitioners building healthcare transformation solutions. The dedicated practise will aim to provide access to solution accelerators, compliance guidance and domain experts as well as personnel all under one roof.

The initiative will accelerate the development of smart applications for patients, practitioners and other stakeholders.

Speaking on this, Pravin Uttarwar, CTO at Mindbowser said, “Till date our custom solutions have been like well-arranged libraries of books, every client appreciated and got the best output of it.”

He further added, “The best part about our healthcare initiative is that it is meant to specifically serve to the need that the world faces. The entire humanity is now dependent on breakthroughs in healthcare. As an advanced player in the ecosystem, the new initiative is a shot in the arm to contribute more to the future.”

“We are very excited about establishing a new practice. This is the outcome of the hard work that we have invested for years in the mHealth space,” said Ayush Jain, CEO at Mindbowser.

As a concluding statement, Ayush Jain, the CEO, said, “Our solutions will pave the way for an entirely new telemedicine experience.” Also, our partnerships with other players like 1uphealthand AWS is aimed to deliver cloud-based, scalable, and HIPAA compliant solutions to the patient, healthcare service providers, and hospitals.

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