Mindbowser Partners With 1upHealth

Mindbowser and 1upHealth have partnered together to bring interoperability of healthcare data to more companies in an organized, efficient, and standard way.

1upHealth is a health-tech company that builds products for the future of healthcare where value-based care, along with patient and provider applications are the norm. 1upHealth is aiming to bridge the gap between patient-centered data and provider needs by using patient-generated data to enable applications to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce costs. The company believes that data is at the center of improving both longevity and quality of life.

Mindbowser Info solutions is a digital transformation services provider working with global brands aiding on their journey to digital transformation. Mindbowser offers a suite of products and services around user experience, automation, analytics, and mobility that in turn helps businesses become more efficient and improves profitability.

The partnership is aimed to deliver cloud-based, scalable, and HIPAA compliant solutions to the patient, healthcare service providers, and hospitals. Our partnership enables us to offer products including:

FHIR API Platform: A fully managed FHIR API service in the cloud

Patient Application: Manage and share your data from your health systems in one place

Connect API: Go live with connectivity to hundreds of health systems in minutes

EHR Integration: Read and write on any EHR using FHIR APIs

Provider Application: Interact with patient data from other systems in your EHR

Our mission is to simplify patient care processes and we believe our affiliated partnership aids us to expand our reach. Importantly, it allows us to provide enhanced healthcare HIPAA solutions across the world.