Mildred Cooper’s New Book ‘Seasons’ Banquet: Parts 1 and 2′ is a Splendid Tale Showing the Beauty of Brokenness and Being Whole Once Again

Fulton Books author Mildred Cooper, a theatre actress and a passionate writer, has completed her most recent book “Seasons’ Banquet: Parts 1 and 2”: a stirring fictional story about a woman who finds herself in a process that will transform her being and sense of self.
Mildred writes, “Pitney Kee Knowles takes her last ten-minute break in this world. She won’t be the only one who will be translated from her familiar surroundings to encounter a strange and benevolent creature called Weather who has four different personalities—Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter—and who is the guardian, the guide, and the host of the Seasons’ Banquet. He was chosen by a higher authority to play a pivotal role in the guests’ journey, and one guest in particular, Pitney, will come to understand that her fragmented self requires healing. She is made to face her personal challenges in a way she could never have imagined and, in the process, becomes the fearless leader she has always aspired to be.
“Pitney, along with other hungry souls, are lured to the Seasons’ Banquet through their incessant displeasure with the weather. At the banquet, they will undergo a transformation that no eye has ever seen or ear has ever heard before, and after their glorious transformation, another Seasons’ Banquet will ensue to eradicate forever a host of malevolent beings that have been a constant threat and a fatal impediment to them and other creatures of Earth. The Seasons’ Banquet finale will be a celebration that the guests—or Selves—and the creatures of the new world will never forget.”
Published by Fulton Books, Mildred Cooper’s book is an engrossing work of fiction about how life is dynamic and complex, and where the guests face a variety of challenges that will shape and test them. The knowledge that is woven inside this novel follows a woman’s transformational journey into becoming whole and renewed devoid of any fear.
Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “Seasons’ Banquet: Parts 1 and 2” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books