Miami’s 9th Annual Croqueta Palooza, Sponsored by Gayo Azul®

Gayo Azul® recently participated in Miami’s 9th Annual Croqueta Palooza, sponsoring the event and helping to bring life to this year’s “most Miami event ever,” as recently named by Edible South Florida. The renowned Caribbean Hispanic cheesemaker with a signature Dutch influence joined the celebration of Miami’s favorite croquetas, which took place this month, at Magic City Casino in Miami, Florida.
Gayo Azul® invited attendees to join its team at the event to enjoy Miami’s delectable finger foods and mesmerizing foodie culture. In addition to the best croquetas in town, dishes such as the Cuban sandwich, frita Cubana, flan, and other favorites of the 305 also made an appearance. Guests sampled delicious cheese-inspired delicacies and enjoyed the live band performance of Cuban classics as they roamed the venue. 
Rich in heritage and tradition and known for their authenticity, flavors, and premium quality, Gayo Azul® Cheeses have grown to become a staple in the Miami food scene since emerging in the United States in the 1960s. The brand’s product line includes various options, including the mild and creamy Red Wax Gouda, the unique and versatile Queso Blanco, and the new sharp and lightly salted Cojita, among others. 
Whether preparing cheese for a table of guests, infusing it in a dish, or simply putting it on a sandwich, Gayo Azul® is sure to please any pallet. Each Gayo Azul® cheese comes in a variety of convenient sizes. These can be found at local grocers such as BJ’s Wholesale, Fresco Y Mas, Key Foods, Market Basket, Presidente, Publix, Sedano’s, and Winn Dixie Supermarkets, as well as Walmart Supercenters throughout the northeastern and southeastern regions of the United States.
Additional cheese types include:
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To see footage from the event, visit the Event Highlights on the Gayo Azul Instagram page (@gayo_azul_cheese).
Source: Gayo Azul