M&G Jewelers Inc. Acquires Kirk Rich Dial Co. as It Continues to Expand Its Watchmaking Operations

M&G Jewelers has today announced the acquisition of esteemed dial refinishing titan: Kirk Rich Dial Corporation.
“We are delighted to announce the inclusion of Kirk Rich into the M&G family,” says Michael Insalago, CFO of M&G Jewelers. “Kirk Rich is the most respected name in premier dial refinishing due to their high level of client and customer services. Now, with Kirk Rich on board, in conjunction with our brand-new elite Watch Repair Service Center, we are announcing to the watchmaking world that we are continuing to solidify our name as the premier watch restoration service.”
The acquisition sees Kirk Rich Dial Co. enhance M&G’s growing watchmaking portfolio, which includes a new Watch Repair Service Center that opened earlier this year, Certified Watchmakers, as well as an online portal for B2C operations through My Jewelry Repair. To match M&G’s elite level of environments, plans are coming together for a new Kirk Rich Dial Co. manufacturing facility to be built alongside M&G’s Southern California facilities, resulting in an enriched suite of services for M&G clients/customers.
Kirk Rich Dial Co. has been servicing the trade since 1926 and is the leading name in dial refinishing services in the United States and respected globally. Refinishing both antiques and new timepieces, their exquisite designs are handcrafted in their own manufacturing facility to meet the highest standards in watchmaking.
M&G Jewelers is the largest jewelry and watch repair manufacturer in the United States, processing over half a million repairs annually. By offering the full spectrum of services from enterprise level to direct-to-consumer, they service thousands of retail locations nationwide. In addition to its new partnership with Kirk Rich Dial Co., M&G also partners with many universally recognized and prestigious brands as well as manufacturers.
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