Merkado launches digiKADDAL – Digital Transformation Skilling for Students & Working professionals

Merkado RHA Services, the services arm of leading Digital Transformation Consulting startup, Merkado RHA Technology has launched live online skill courses for upcoming and working professionals. digiKADDAL, the knowledge delivery brand, has launched its first Live course – Certificate in Digital Transformation. A 12 week, online live class conducted by leading Digital transformation experts via virtual platform. digiKADDAL plans to offer Certificate course in Digital Architecture & Certificate course in Digital Consulting which will prepare working professionals to get ahead in career with Digital skills.

Digital Disruption has caused large scale shift and change in Skills. Generic Skills have no Job or career value. In India, only 25% of Engineering graduates are employable , as per various industry forums. MBA and other Master courses do not bridge the gap in Class based knowledge versus Career oriented knowledge. Digital Transformation being a $ 1 Tn market globally, multiple digital skills are required to plug this gap. digiKADDAL aims to solve this problem by offering a practical, live delivery of knowledge.

“Digital disruption has caused a big impact in job market. Every job may not be a Technology job but every job will be driven by Technology. Engineering, MBA, MCA and other graduates need to plug the gap by imbibing skills required to delivery and be successful. Digital Disruption 3.0 has led to 4A pillars for the world of tomorrow : Automation, AI, Analytics & Augmentative. digiKADDAL aims to be a preferred choice for gaining such skills by aspirants” said Ravinder Pal Singh, President & CEO of Merkado RHA group.

The course launched first, Certificate in Digital Transformation, will prepare aspirants to get an overview of Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption, Industry 4.0 and brush with emerging technology areas like IOT, Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Connected Society, AI, Data Analytics & other futuristic technology areas.

digiKADDAL has signed up veteran experts from Digital Transformation industry who will be delivering sessions and coach aspirants. digiKADDAL also plans to rope in Engineering and other professional institutions, corporates and skilling bodies to enable a Digital knowledge society.