Meridian° Acquires Crew4Yachts, Rolling Out the Most Advanced Crew Hiring Platform in the Industry

Meridian° today announced the launch of its new crew hiring platform, which is set to revolutionize the recruiting process for yacht owners, captains, hiring managers, and recruitment agencies.
Founded in 2020, Meridian° is an innovative global software platform that finds, interviews, vets, and manages crew members, making the hiring process more efficient and economical for employers.
Meridian° offers employers a number of unparalleled advantages, including:
“Our innovative, easy-to-use platform ensures employers can quickly hire already vetted and qualified crew, and then effectively manage them to improve job satisfaction and reduce the high cost of crew turnover,” says Garry Kyle, CEO of Meridian°.
In order to introduce this new platform to the industry as quickly as possible, Meridian° acquired Crew4Yachts. Founded in 2004 by Stacy Geddis, now President of Meridian°, Crew4Yachts was the industry’s original yacht CV database.
“I’ve always envisioned a centralized hiring platform that equally benefits crew, employers, and recruiters, and that’s exactly what Meridian° does. Our distinguished platform provides the necessary tools to effectively serve each type of user, while still remaining cost-effective,” says Stacy Geddis, President of Meridian°.
Not only does Meridian° provide outstanding benefits to employers, but job candidates enjoy significant advantages as well. 
“Candidates can pre-record a brief video introducing themselves to hiring managers. In an industry where first impressions have a significant impact, it’s beneficial for potential crew members to be able to represent themselves beyond their CV and headshot,” explains Garry Kyle, CEO of Meridian°. Additionally, crew members can choose to be vetted in advance, enabling employers to review their credentials prior to interviewing them.
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About Meridian°:
Founded in 2020, Meridian° is an innovative global software platform connecting employers, yacht owners, and recruiters with quality crew members. Its all-in-one platform enables video interviews, crew vetting, and credentialing, among many other superior features that allow employers to quickly hire and manage vetted and experienced crew. 
Meridian° CEO Garry Kyle is available for interviews.
Source: Meridian