Mental Health Startup Announces Release of Success-Focused Artificial Intelligence to Support Person-Centered Care

Because of the pandemic, mental health is top of mind for many of us. From the switch to telehealth to the introduction of dozens of new well-being-focused apps, mental health care is becoming more accessible and more difficult to navigate at the same time. With all of the new and changing options for care, how does a person know what will work for his/her specific circumstance? Opeeka, a software technology company, has developed a new approach to personalized care using Success-Focused Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI).
Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) embeds SF-AI to convert information from health records into personalized care based on what has worked for whom. P-CIS is designed to help social/human services and mental/behavioral health care agencies to plan and guide person-centered care through SF-AI that learns how and when individuals progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience.
“In health and social care, Artificial Intelligence has gotten a bad name because it has been used over and over again to predict who will fail the system,” said Opeeka Co-Founder Dr. Kate Cordell. “Success-Focused AI in P-CIS, on the other hand, shifts the paradigm by reinforcing care recommendations that lead to success. Instead of predicting who will drop-out or fail, SF-AI predicts what services and supports will most likely lead to engagement and success in care under a specific individual’s set of circumstances.”
P-CIS can convert years of underutilized patient data into individualized pathways of care. The SF-AI engine continues to learn about what works for a provider’s population, adjusting as needs shift and new modalities of care emerge, such as during this pandemic. P-CIS learns who a provider is serving well and for whom additional services and supports might be needed to reach success in care.
“SF-AI has the potential to reduce or eliminate bias and reduce the cost of care by identifying efficient pathways of personalized treatment, signaling when it is safe to step down out of care,” said Dr. Cordell.
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Source: Opeeka, Inc.