Meet Kevin Paffrath for CA Governor Announces 10 Rallies in 10 Days.

Meet Kevin Paffrath announced today that he will be holding 10 campaign rallies in 10 days starting on July 2nd. The rallies will be held over the course of two weekends. Meet Kevin Paffrath will use these rallies as an opportunity to present his 20-point plan and answer questions with town hall-style Q&As. His full plan can already be found on his website (
The Rallies:
First Weekend Locations:
Second Weekend Locations:
Meet Kevin Paffrath will solve our state’s homelessness crisis, educational system, unaffordable housing, and lack of transportation infrastructure by declaring 4 states of emergency on his first day in office. Meet Kevin Paffrath will end homeless living on our streets in 60 days utilizing the National Guard. The National Guard will be charged with providing compassion as well as building 80 Emergency Facilities to house and care for our homeless population.
Meet Kevin Paffrath wants to overhaul our educational system to teach students practical skills by creating Future Schools. A combination of high school, college, and vocational school, Future Schools teach the abilities the job market is looking for, business communication skills, and financial education, so graduates can start their careers at 18, debt free. Future Schools will also provide those over 18 with $2,000 per month, so they can attend school WHILE getting paid.
Housing costs are at an all-time high in California due to underdevelopment. Meet Kevin Paffrath will make housing affordable by promoting the development & commercial conversion of 500,000 new units annually until supply can catch up with demand. Additionally, traffic is bleeding our economy by billions of dollars each year. Optional toll roads along, and tunnels under existing highways for cars, trucks, and busses would help alleviate traffic and pay for themselves.
California also has one of the highest costs of living anywhere in the United States. Eliminating the state income tax on the first $250,000 of income would effectively give the average Californian a $3100 per year pay raise.
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