Medical Transcription Jobs at Home Are Booming

I would like to become an online medical transcriptionist because I would like to do something meaningful that I enjoy, and is also helpful to others. Recently I joined the military as a reservist after 3 years of being a stay-at-home mom and military spouse. I felt that it was time to do something to benefit myself and my family because while it is nice to be the at home support system, it doesn’t exactly help to pay the bills. I needed a change, and a way to help support my family. If I can go for the big goals like joining the military, then I should be able to go for this and be successful. There are several advantages to working in this industry. I have done some research and found that the medical transcription jobs at home are one of the more stable career choices, even in today’s economy. That was something that immediately appealed to me. There is a significant need for well trained MT’s, so that told me that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about finding work. I also like to think that I would enjoy working from home if the opportunity comes my way. I have worked from home before and found that it is a great balance between my home and professional life because I was able to do personal things that would be difficult or nearly impossible with a “regular” job.

I could keep appointments, run errands, pay bills, be around for my young child and take care of my home all while still working a flexible schedule and bringing in a supplemental income. Quite honestly, I am interested in the Future MT program because I haven’t been able to find any other programs that are offering this type of training for a price that I can afford. I also have not seen any other programs or schools offering scholarships or any such assistance to prospective students. I need to be able to receive the training I need so that I can get out into the industry quickly and not have to worry about going into debt in the process. Future MT is offering the training I need and it won’t cost a ridiculous amount of money or take years to complete. I can really appreciate that because it means I will be able to get into the industry faster and with proper training. SN:0TG9Y2ESY For the time being I would like to concentrate on completing my certification course. That is my main goal at the moment and my shoe-in as far as becoming an MT.

Many of the local hospitals and practices in my area are looking to hire MT’s immediately and I would like to be able to apply to one of these positions as soon as possible. Once I have some experience and knowledge, I plan on pursuing a higher degree if time and finances permit. My ultimate goal is to be able to work either completely from my home as a independent contractor or on a telecommuting basis with a reputable company. I am very excited about this career choice and can’t wait to get started in the medical transcription field.

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Written by Jason Trusler: Worked in the Medical Transcription industry for over 12 years in many different fields. Currently does consulting for Online Medical Transcription Certification and Stay at Home Jobs!

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